The Electro, Dirty-Pop /Industrial Rock music of “Me And My Nightmare” is the creative innovation of the American born, DJ Mea; vocalist, music producer, and a pioneer of female DJ’s in clubs worldwide, when it was very much a male-dominated industry. Mea, the visionary behind “Me And My Nightmare,” gained international recognition working the Chicago house scene during the late 90s, with her many different looks, radical sex appeal, elaborate stage costumes, dynamic stage presence, and the addition of her powerful live vocals over her DJ sets. DJ Mea soon became an international stage sensation, touring the world as a solo performer, and collaborating with multiple famed producers.  

After numerous collaborations & singles, Mea saw that vinyl was losing favor to digital cdj’s where anybody could become a DJ using software. Seeing the writing on the wall, Mea became obsessed with learning how to make her own music which led to her stepping in front of the decks to become the lead singer in her own band, ME And My Machine; the live techno/Industrial rock band with crunching guitars, impressive synth lines, and electronic drums, intertwining dark melodies and empowering emotion, with multiple styles of vocals. The buzz created by the band, soon attracted the attention of the legendary, sexed-up electro-rock/industrial band, Lords of Acid’s creator, Praga Khan, who quickly offered her the role of lead singer. Her collaboration with the techno innovators was an opportunity for Mea to explore new territory in expressive feminist realms, produce multiple genres of music, and add her voice to each one differently & uniquely.

While touring with Lords of Acid on the Sextreme Fest 2017 Mea was introduced to fellow Me And My Nightmare, collaborator, EN ESCH, mastermind, singer, and front man of his band “Slick Idiot “.  Who was also on the tour. A skilled multi-instrumentalist, programmer, and composer, EN ESCH is best known for his distinctive vocals and charismatic stage performances with the German industrial-rock group KMFDM, & Chicago’s legendary “Pigface.” A classically trained percussionist, EN ESCH has enjoyed distinctive musical success since the early 90s. KMFDM pioneered the crossover between techno/dance and heavy metal with their signature industrial sound. Today he is the and actively producing additional collaborations with German vocalist MONA MUR and has collaborated on more than half of “Me And My Nightmare’s” upcoming album, set to release in 2024. 

In her newest ensemble Mea created Me And My Nightmare, bringing to the table talent that has toured the world making notable dents in underground EDM, Rock and Industrial music scenes, and performances loaded with attitude, energy, beautifully layered-to-edgy vocals., with of course, many costume changes and her many chameleon looks when performing live. Other featured artists and key contributors to “Me and My Nightmare” include drummer Galen Waling; sideman with Lords of Acid, guitarist Danny Lohner; most notably of Nine Inch Nails, mix engineer Matt Robertson; who works extensively as a Musical Director for artists such as Bjork, Arca, and Anohni. Album producers include remixer and Grammy Award Winner Joseph Ray, of Nero, and legendary record producer Neal McLellan, who’s most popular works came as co-producer & engineer for The Prodigy.

Me And My Nightmare’s debut single is  called “Don’t Forget Me”. A powerful song addressed to her mother, it attracted the attention of the aforementioned producers who helped make several versions of the original song that her and En Esch produced.  This release is a beautiful tribute to her mother for all to enjoy. She hopes that it will resonate with listeners all over the world. “It comes from the heart, it’s very personal to me so it had to be right, or I wouldn’t put it out” she says. 

Me And My Nightmare are ready! The band is in a class of its own, with an agenda that will lead the way for new music that still has elements from her DJ period through her edgy Industrial/Rock singing days. She has been designing her stage performance costumes for the past few years and is ready to ignite the world visually, musically, emotionally, and passionately. This album is the opus of her life, and she wouldn’t release it until it was flawless. She has perfected it, and NOW is the time to change the world with music that can relate to ALL. Almost all of the songs have action-packed on-the-level, full-length music videos to accompany them. Mea and her bandmates are rehearsing for the tour which will follow the release of the album and videos. Many exciting things are about to happen for this new band. Get ready to have your mind blown! Yes, it’s that good!

Stay tuned…

Me And My Nightmare coming soon…

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